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 Old-School dkLab 

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Site map

Dk lab
JsHttpRequest 5: cross-browser AJAX + file uploading
Complete documentation
Protocol specifications
DbSimple: simplest way to work with various RDBMs
Sshbak: Simple unix-based remote backup system over SSH
dkLab Apache: virtual hosts with privileges of separated users
dkLab PostgreSQL patch: work with very huge integer arrays
PostgreSQL 8.3+, 9.1+ ALTER ENUM emulation: element addition/removal, transactions
PGUnit: stored procedures unit-test framework for PostgreSQL 8.3
HTTP_StaticMerger: Automatical "merging" of CSS and JS files for faster load
PHP_Exceptionizer: converting E_NOTICE to Exception
Dklab_SoapClient: parallel SOAP queries, reconnect, timeout processing
dklab_vzenter: "vzctl enter" using a domain name part (for OpenVZ)
dklab vzfirewall: simple firewall management for OpenVZ
HTTP_ImageResizer: Load and resize images from non-file sources with nginx caching
Dklab_Route: Library to match() and assemble() URLs using various methods
Debug_ErrorHook: intercept PHP errors (including fatals) and process them - e.g. send to E-mail
dklab_rowlog: PostgreSQL row-level logging tool
dklab_vzmem: visual noncontradictory memory distribution tool for OpenVZ
dklab_vzset: set barier/limit for OpenVZ UBC option interactively
dklab_pgmigrator: complete PostgreSQL live scheme migration tool
dklab_logreplica: gathers logs from multiple machines into one place in realtime
DB_Type: conversion of complex PostgreSQL types (ARRAY, ROW, HSTORE) to PHP and vice versa
dkLab RealSync: replicate developer's files over SSH in realtime
dklab_vzfailcnt: send OpenVZ failcnt changes over e-mail
GoogleHangoutRenice: make your computer faster when you use Google Hangout
DB_Micro: Minimalistic DB abstraction layer with replication support (master preference detection, per-user slave up-to-date check etc.)
CacheLRUd: Implements cache LRU cleanup (as in memcached) for MongoDB
Dom_varimport: a simple PHP extension to convert nested arrays into DOMDocument
A Web-Programmer's Laboratory

Dmitry Koterov, Dk lab. ©1999-2020
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